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day that he'd s◆end Medicare for ●All legislation 〓to Congress○ during the ●first week of his a●dministration.Bo○oker faced especia■lly intense pre◆ssure Wednesday s◆ince he's ◆yet to meet the Dem●ocratic Na■tional Committ◆ee's polling ●requirements◆ for the December○ debate in Californ■ia. He spent severa○l minutes arguing ■with Warren about● the need to● more appropriately ●tax the wealthy, but● also called● for "building■ wealth" among〓 people of ●color and ◆other marginalized c●ommunities."○We've got to star●t empowerin●g people," Booker◆ said.Busines○sman Andrew

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"Game of Thro●nes" and "●Marvelous Mrs. Mai■sel" win big at 7●0th Primetime Emmy○ Awards09-18-2018 ◆14:14 BJT"Game of Th●rones" and "Marvelo■us Mrs. Maisel" ■won top awar〓ds Monday eve◆ning at the 70t○h Primetime E〓mmy Awards, picking〓 up outstandin〓g drama series an●d outstanding comedy〓 series, re〓spectively.HB■O's "Game of 〓Thrones" retu●rned to the Emmy○s after a ■year out of con●tention and le◆d the nominations wi〓th 22 nods. The fant〓asy drama ●television series is○ an adaptatio●n of George R. R. Ma■rtin's series of fan〓tasy novels. It's th■e third Emmy ■wins of

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